Nature – so similar to life

Nature – a seed grown to be a tree naturally. This nature is so similar to the life cycle we endure. We are born, we play, we are carefree, we are truthful, honest, so pure.

Then we age, bring along the victories, spoils and dogs
Comes the heart breaks, the politics, the back stabs, the warmth, the cold, the rain –  hail and torment of relations.


Some hold you close as the warmth of a glove, others outcast you in the barren fields.
Yet you endure, flowering at times and shredding at times.

Seasons change each teaching you some new lessons,
each with its own beauty, each with its own perils.
Yet we endure.

The roots of right up-bringing go deep, the weak perish.

These very foundations laid by our family, strengthen our life, form our very basis of survival.

The branches are cut, we bleed, unnoticed by the entire world,
We are surrounded by people yet alone.
We gulp down the betrayal and nurse the wounds only to flower again.

We provide shade and fruit under which many rest and live

Only to cut the very source giving life.
At times it is too late and all perish.
At times we flower seeds and a new generation is born.